Packaging design - Magdalenas


P&E GmbH


As part of our cooperation with the wholesaler / confectionery producer: P & E GmbH, we have been asked to submit design proposals for sugar-free cupcake packaging.

Starting from the idea of ​​packaging in a cardboard bag, we first developed 3 basic layouts, including one version with the title "Mini Küchlein" - "Zuckerfrei" (Mini cakes - sugar free) and another  version under the title "Die kleinen Zuckerfreien" ("The Little Sugar Free").

After consulting with his own client and having chosen one of our proposals, the final design had to be completely reworked. Not only because the end customer wanted a different name, namely "Magdalenas (" Madeleines ") with the addition of" no sugar ", but also because the final packaging, should be no longer a cardboard bag but a bag of plastic film.

Beyond the design of the "Madeleines" packaging, we were finally commissioned with the design of the carton, containing the Madeleines bags.