The success of your project

mainly depends on your communication

You may have the best product in the world, the best service, the cheapest offer, the most important information or even the formula to save the world. - All this is of little use if you do not tell it to the people who should know.To reach these people, one thing is necessary: a good strategy!

A good strategy and a consistent implementation are the two key elements for the success of your communication.

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Above all, we pay attention to your requirements and wishes. Our work begins with this phase of listening and consulting.


With 10 years of experience we will support you in your communication projects and implement the communication strategy that fits your profile and more importantly, that achieves its goal.


"Stand out of the crowd" is one of the most important currencies in communication. Our creativity allows us to find you the approach  that sets you apart from your competitors.


Our entire team is trilingual (French, English, German). In addition to our language skills, we are happy to put our sociocultural experience of these 3 language areas at the service of your communication.

What you should know

Rarely can a marketing strategy be applied as it is described in the books, because each company and each project is unique and therefore it needs a strategy adapted to its own needs. A start-up that wants to put an innovative product on the market with limited resources has different needs than a large company that wants to expand its product line. A hairdresser whomainly wants to address local customers needs other means of communication than a web-shop, etc.

You are an expert in your field - we are experts in communication

Let's develop a short / medium / long term strategy according to the criteria that you define, in line with your budget. You choose to entrust us with the realization of the selected solutions or the training of your team.

Our mission:

Develop the strategy that meets your needs and your budget

What do you think,

which type of marketing fits you best ?

Traditional marketing

Corporate Identity
Traditional marketing is mainly based on a visual identity. To create the so-called corporate identity, graphic representations are created to define the visual identity of a company: logo, shape, typography, color (s), word (s), slogan, etc.
The logo is the basic element from which the entire company identifier is derived. The logo must be simple, universal, clear and understandable for the company and the customer. It needs a clean design for use on different media: flat surfaces and volumes.
In addition, visual identity is related to semiology because it examines the conditions under which signs produce meaning. Semiology applies to both graphic design and product design. It gives the product and the logo meaning and narrative value: the image of the company must be consistent with the habits, behaviors, beliefs, and values ​​of future customers. The corporate identity of the company contributes to the strategy of the company or the brand and improves its performance.

Guerilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing for small budgets

Audacious, original and often cheap, this type of promotion can improve the image of an SME.

When a company wants to launch a promotional campaign, but does not have sufficient means, guerrilla marketing can be a good alternative. Originally, this method was used by SMEs to defend against the invasion of multinationals. Today, the concept has been adopted by all publicists.



Marketing at the service of a website

E-marketing takes place in several stages, all essential for the successfull development of a website. But before setting up an e-marketing strategy, you must ensure that the subject of your e-marketing meets the requirements of your project, your company and the web.

Even the best e-marketing does not help if the site / blog you promote does not meet the expectations and requirements of your targets.

E-marketing starts with the design of your website / online shop or blog.

Does the page structure meet the requirements of search engines? Is the page navigation ergonomically well designed and allows intuitive use? Were all on-site referencing actions performed? Is the website adapted to the needs of various digital media (smartphone / tablet / laptop / desktop PC) etc.?

Social Media Marketing

Set achievable goals
The first step in a strategy is to understand what you expect from your efforts. Social media marketing is not about pushing a button and everything works automatically.
Therefore, the goal is essential for your social media strategy. But you must set a goal that you can reach. Engaging one million new Instagram subscribers wiyhin a year is unrealistic. With achievable goals, you are more likely to reach your goal.
So, first and foremost, ask yourself what exactly are your goals.

Inbound Marketing

Attract qualified traffic to your site and / or blog, by search engine optimization (SEO) of your site / blog or your social media accounts and pages.

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