Alexandre Jeser - Photographer

Alexandre Jeser - Photographer

Bilingual 'One page' type website -  in French & English - developped on the base of a Joomla! CMS.
The site developed for Mr. Jeser is primarily a showcase, allowing Mr. Jeser to present his works. Specialized in old style photography, it was important for him to find a way to show his photographs in a secure way, without losing the possibility to show an important aspect of the technique he uses, namely the fact that the photographs have a very high resolution, even by zooming in on the small details (and that without any digital techniques). This is why we have integrated a zoom feature in the gallery, to demonstrate this effect, as well as the application of a watermark,  which is superimposed on each image during the upload.


Jeser, Alexandre


11 May 2019


Showcase, Multilingual